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The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) that stands today is actually a restoration of the old one built in 1333. The Bridge was almost entirely destroyed in a fire in 1993 but still has the feel of being authentic.

There are 120 paintings that line the sides of the bridge that tell stories of the city of Lucerne. Take a look at #31-it's William Tell shooting an apple off his sons head.
We were told that the water tower (the Wasserturm) that is connected to the bridge has been used for a jail, a torture chamber and a town archive. Now it sells souvenirs and cuckoo clocks to tourists.

The sides of Chapel Bridge. are lined with flowers, which makes it a pretty site.The other bridge, Spreuerbrucke, was thought to be built in about 1408. It's not as nice, in my opinion, as the other one but is definitely worth visiting. It also has paintings-the artist went with the "Dance of Death" theme, which makes it a little morbid!
There is no charge for visiting the either Chapel Bridge or Spreuerbrucke, so pick a nice day and stroll down by the water and through the bridges of Lucerne.

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