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Champs-Elysees Avenue

The Champs-Élysees is the most prestigious and broadest avenue in Paris.Its full name is actually "Avenue des Champs-Elysees" and the name refers to the Elysian Fields, which is the place of the blessed in Greek mythology.With its cinemas, cafes, and luxury specialty shops, the Champs-Elysees is one of the most famous streets in the world and is very popular with the rich and famous, who travel here just for a days shopping.
Plus, it is the second most expensive strip of real estate in the world after New York City's Fifth Avenue with rent being as high as £600,000 per year for only a space of around 100 square metres.The Champs-Elysees is also known as La plus belle avenue du monde translated to "The most beautiful avenue in the world".But with the arrival of global chain stores in recent years, this has slightly changed the character of the avenue, and in a first effort to restrict these changes, the Paris City government decided to ban the Swedish clothing chain H&M from opening a store on the avenue.

The avenue runs for 2 kilometres through the 8th arrondissement in the North Western part of Paris.  It runs from the Place de la Concorde in the East, with its obelisk, to the Place Charles de Gaulle in the West, which is the location of the Arc de Triomphe.One of the principal tourist destinations in Paris, the lower part of the Champs-Élysees is bordered by greenery and by buildings such as the Theatre Marigny and the Grand Palais.   But further to the West, the avenue is lined with cinemas, theatres, cafes, restaurants and luxury specialty shops.

The Avenue des Champs-Elysees is one of the most famous streets for shopping with names such as Benetton, Nike, the Disney Store, Zara, Gap, Sephora and Virgin Megastore occupying some of the major spaces.Traditionally home of luxury brands, the Champs Elysees confirms its world class appeal as a prime real estate location and has lately seen the opening of some new big upscale shops such as the biggest Louis Vuitton department store in the world, which even hosts an exhibition room!

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