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With over 1000 islands, Malaysia is dotted by beautiful beaches. The South China Sea provides excellent water sports opportunities. With 35 water parks, this country offers a lot to the water sports enthusiasts. Malaysia Water Festival which is held every year in May in Kuala Lumpur attracts millions of visitors.

Organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Malaysia Water Festival officially kicks off in the second week of April and ends in the first fortnight of May. This month long water festival features activities such as: ‘sandcastle building’ contest, an underwater treasure hunt, canoe and jet-ski races.

On a lighter side, competitions like ‘log-walk fights’ and ‘catch the duck’ are also very popular among the spectators.The sandcastle contest in Malaysia Water Festival tests the creativity of the competitors. The fine sands on the beach are ideal for building sand castles.

Treasure hunting has always been the favorite fantasy of people. The Malaysia Water Festival gives you that opportunity though it is for fun and the sake of competition only. Some treasures are hidden under water and within a given time competitors have to find these. The competitor with the least time wins.

No festival can be complete without dance, music and food. The Malaysia Water Festival showcases all these during the entire duration of this festival. It is a great experience to be there during the water festival.

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